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About WAKE Editing
I founded WAKE Editing in 2011 after prompting from many authors whose manuscripts I edited. I believe all people and their creations can reach their potential through care, hard work, education, and experience. At WAKE Editing, I strive not only to meet the needs of my customers worldwide, but to exceed them. I want your publication to shine in the hands of readers, be they social readers, agents, publishers, professors, or employers with an eye for quality. WAKE Editing is privately owned, and I maintain a family atmosphere that customers enjoy. However, I offer my editing services to every fiction genre while also catering to standard technical editing, proofreading, and copy editing in various industries. I am also quite familiar with life's demanding schedules and deadlines. I will work with you during nights and weekends because I'm here to make your life easier. 

Editor: Weston Kincade

With more than a decade of experience teaching students to write effectively, five published novels, and multiple short stories in various anthologies, I am quite familiar with the daily demands on a writer's time. I've successfully edited dozens of novels and short stories by authors Scott Rhine, Mark Matthews, Kathleen Deveaney-Brown, Lisa Erler, John Breeden II, and many others. I am passionate about helping new and upcoming authors hone their craft. Customers have given my work high praise, and now I would like to provide these services to you. I am a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA).
Official Author Bio:
Weston Kincade has helped invest in future writers for years while teaching. He also writes fantasy and horror novels which have hit Amazon's best seller lists. His non-fiction works have been published in the Ohio Journal of English Language Arts and Cleveland.com, his fiction published by Books of the Dead Press and in anthologies by Alucard Press and TPP Presents. When not writing, Weston makes time for his wife and Maine Coon cat Hermes, who talks so much he must be a speaker for the gods.

To find out more about Weston Kincade, visit http://kincadefiction.blogspot.com.
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