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The Editing Process
Many writers assume once the first draft is complete, their work is done. This is not so. Any editor will agree that authors need to go back over the changes to ensure they agree with the recommended corrections. 

At WAKE Editing, I work with authors to ensure each book is completed with their input. I set aside time to answer questions and process corrections following each contracted edit in a FREE second look. The process is this:
WAKE Editing ®
Step 3: Securing Your Editing Spot
Select which level of service you prefer and respond with the entire manuscript as an attached .doc file. I will send the contract and a Paypal request for the first 20 percent of the service level cost. This initial payment guarantees you an editing date in my cue of client projects and acts as acceptance of the contract sent. If you need help sooner, let me know. However, while the editing is going on, don't wait. Start your next book. Publishers love knowing their authors have more books coming. 
While writing, everything can fade away except the world in your mind. Let me help your words shine.
Step 2: Free Initial Line Edit
I provide a full Line Edit of the first 1,000 words FREE using Microsoft Word's Track Changes function to record all editing changes in the document. The initial edit also allows me to provide a quote for each level of service. The initial Line Edit will be completed within two business days depending on the demands on my time and current projects underway. 
Step 1: Contact WAKE Editing 
You can contact me through the contact form, click the 'Contact' button below, or email your manuscript to submissions (at) WAKEEditing (dot) com. Indicate which level of service you prefer, the manuscript's genre, total word count, and any questions. 
Step 4: Consultation, Edit, and Final Payment 
Once the edit begins, I will e-mail you with updates and may have questions about style or ambiguity within the manuscript. I pride myself on personal contact and don't wish my clients to sit wondering how things are going.
​When the project is coming to an end, I will let you know and send an invoice for the remainder due. This amount needs to be paid so I can send you the final edited document via email.  
Step 5:​ Author's Review
Authors use the following ten days to review, accept, and adjust changes. Once you finish, if you have things that need to be addressed, reviewed a second time, or if you would just like to pick my brain, feel free to ask.
Step 6: Free Second Edit 
I will address your questions and provide a free second look at sections you reworded that were in the initial editing contract. Chapters or sections not included in the original editing contract will require an additional editing per-word fee.
Step 7: Formatting Options 
The final step in the process is relevant to authors self-publishing through CreateSpace, Lulu, Smashwords, Amazon's KDP, or other e-readers. For authors wishing to use the aforementioned services, formatting services can be contracted at WAKE Editing. However, this occurs only after all editing changes have been reviewed and cleared from the final document. If you are interested in this and know ahead of time, please let me know so I can include it in the contract and my schedule.