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Writing Research: Settings

by Weston Kincade on 07/26/14

They say you should write what you know, but if you’ve been writing for any descent period of time and want to explore other avenues in your settings, the internet is great for researching them.


Research resources for story settings:

There are many ways to research story settings without going there yourself. The plants, wildlife, places of interest, and even reviews people have left can often be helpful, setting the scene for your imagination and the story.

Sites I recommend:

Tour guide sites such as Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, and Private Guides. These sites not only give you realistic pictures and list the great historic or prominent sights available in particular locations, but also real travelers’ reviews and opinions of what they saw. In addition, Private Guides also provides maps of each location and the surrounding areas.

For an assortment of pictures of specific places, it is often easiest to simply do a keyword search using the images tab of Google Images. This will give you an assortment to choose from and make describing your story’s setting easier. However, you may need to verify some pictures’ authenticity and accuracy.

There are many more, but I’ve found that these suffice for me. Happy writing!


For more on how to research for writing, try Writing Research: Dialects.

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