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The Scarab
"What one wants from a copy editor is accuracy, attention to detail, and thoroughness. I found Mr. Kincade's services to be all that and more. I was lucky to have his help with my novel and would gladly recommend him to any author."
Put my expertise to work for you. As a premier editor specializing in personal attention as a writing coach and editor, I am proud to have received the following recommendations from clients.
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Customer Reviews for WAKE Editing
"As a professional journalist and tech book author, I have a lot of skills when it comes to writing. As such, I thought my novel, Old Number Seven, a tale of heroism and sacrifice based on actual events I witnessed as a reporter covering Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, was pretty good.
Old Number 7
Foundation for the Lost
However, Editor Weston Kincade worked his magic and greatly improved both the flow of the story and its grammatical accuracy. In fact, he helped me in two ways. Primarily, he improved the Old Number Seven novel with specific corrections, which made it a much more polished read. Secondly, he taught me specific literary techniques to improve my narrative writing for future projects. 
TPP Cover Collection
feel right publishing a book without WAKE Editing. All future Thadd Presley Presents books will be edited by Weston Kincade right here at WAKE Editing. 

And besides books, you will not find better personal service. Weston has helped me with my website and visited my blogs, reporting any misspelling and typos. He has done this without my having to ask. Tell me who you know who will find mistakes in your advertisements and posts for your books. I couldn't have imagined all the help I needed on my books before Weston either fixed them or pointed them out. Every writer needs someone like Weston looking out for them. I didn't know how bad I needed help until Weston fixed my book Thadd Presley Presents: Creature Feature, and now it is so obvious all the work that goes into making a book great."
~Thadd Presley, Owner and Operator of Thadd Presley Presents (TPP)
Contagion of the Gods
Marshall J. Stephens, Author of Strange Circumstances10 Cent Tales, and the upcoming novel Even the Dead May Die
10 Cent Tales, Volume 2
Jezebel's Ladder
Even the Dead May Die
Doors to Eternity
Dreams of the Fallen
"Mr. Kincade was the first real editor I ever had working on my collections. He came on board very smoothly and prevented my collection from becoming a disaster. Of course, I never realized how good the books could look before Weston showed me, and now I wouldn't 
Strange Circumstances
~John Breeden II, GCN Laboratory Director, Chief Product Reviewer, and Author of the upcoming novel Old Number Seven
"Weston’s services have been invaluable. If it hadn’t been for his line edits and guidance, I never would have published my first book, The Scarab. He even points you to online resources to help you not make the same mistakes again. Then, he walked me through how to post the e-books on Smashwords and Amazon. Once I gained more confidence, he introduced me to print on demand.

Then, Weston was very encouraging with my second novel Foundation for the Lost and did a better job than the professionals at Create Space with the big-picture, comprehensive edits—at a small fraction of the cost.

For Jezebel’s Ladder, I had about five readers, but Weston caught things all of them missed.

I’m on my fourth novel now, and I wouldn’t think of releasing another without his advice!​"

"Weston does more than proofread when he takes on a project. He takes his time to teach better approaches to writing. After twelve years of writing fiction as just a hobby, I formed bad habits. He consistently exceeds my expectations with his comments and suggestions on sentence structure and word choice. He's made each one
~Lisa Erler, Author of the Angel seriesIn His Arms, and Only Heaven Knows
of my books shine brighter than they otherwise would have. He catches mistakes and plot inconsistencies because he pays attention to the story. I have felt confident he cares about improving my writing. He is far more critical than my English professors were. I got A's easily. I didn't feel challenged when I wrote in college, but Weston makes me feel challenged with every book I hire him to edit. My writing has improved greatly under his tutelage."
He conducted himself in a professional yet friendly manner which was never condescending. I would highly recommend Weston Kincade’s editing services to writers at all skill levels from beginners to those who have been writing for a long time. Whether you need a light polish or a complete overhaul, Kincade can get it done."
In His Arms
Only Heaven Knows
10 Cent Tales, Volume 2
Angel, Be Mine
Angel, Forgive Me
Angel, Let Go
WAKE Editing ®
~The New Podler's Review of Scott Rhine's Union of Souls.
"The manuscript has been meticulously edited and is of professional quality."