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Manuscript Copy Editing
WAKE Editing Services
Manuscript Line Editing
The Copy Edit is an extension of the Proofreading level of service, but also includes assessing the novel's strengths and weaknesses regarding syntax, format, clarity, story consistency, and its effectiveness on the intended audience. In addition, clients will receive an unbiased and professional critique that can help improve the writer's skills. Many common mistakes in description, content, or flow detract from the story itself, but with further insight into effective writing and readers' expectations, you can become a better writer. 

$.0075 cent / word. Eligible for free evaluation and line edit of first 1,000 words. 
At WAKE Editing, I provide my customers with quality services personalized for their unique needs. Whether you are a company looking for proofreading services at affordable prices or an author in need of in-depth editing and writing advice, I'm here to help. Contact me with your questions or to request a free line edit of your first 1,000 words of your dissertation or manuscript. I will promptly get back to you within the next two business days.  I am professional, courteous, and efficient. (Free 1,000 word Line Edit is only available for projects of 20,000 words or more.)

Line Editing is an extension of the Copy Edit level of service, inclusive of Proofreading. This service provides a line-by-line edit of your manuscript, analyzing sentence flow, repetition, relevance, storyline consistency, tone, and even areas where dialog or description may fall short or actually detract from the story's potential. This important service is available to writers who not only wish to improve their manuscript, but would also like a critical and helpful revision that will highlight thinner moments in the narrative that can be improved.

$.02 - .05 cent / word depending on manuscript needs. Eligible for  free evaluation and line edit of first 1,000 words.
WAKE Editing also offers custom writing services. If you would like to commission a personal biography or other story, please contact me and I'll be in touch to discuss costs, expectations, and other questions relevant to the project.
Note: All services are subject to adjustment based on individual manuscript needs and expectations. Final estimate will be given before any work is contracted.
Referrals: Recommending WAKE Editing to another author or business who uses our services will entitle you to a 5% discount on your next project.
This service provides a thorough proofread, assessing the manuscript for grammar and spelling errors, typos, and other problems such as punctuation, subject/verb agreement, and pronoun/antecedent agreement. Spell check is very helpful in writing, but doesn't catch everything. Fixing these problems will bring your narrative beyond a simple spell check, helping to identify and eliminate inconsistencies. Having an experienced editor proofread your manuscript will provide you with a clean, polished document. 

$.005 cent / word. Eligible for free evaluation and line edit of first 1,000 words. 
Manuscript Proofreading
1,000 - 4,999 word short stories edited for $25 - $50.

5,000-10,000 word short stories edited for $50 - $100.
Short Story Editing
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Services Available Include
Chapter-by-Chapter Editing
This category of service is specifically aligned to the needs of authors who want editorial and writing assistance as they progress through their manuscript. As each chapter is completed, it is sent to the editor for review and comments. Within a matter of days, depending on the length and level of service contracted, the chapter will be returned to the author for review. This service includes frequent communication and personal critiques to help the author improve. The intensity of the edit is dependent on the level of service selected from above. By its very nature, this is a much more time-intensive service. Inquire for further information.

Service is billed by each chapter or weekly, to be decided at the start of the project, and is based on an hourly rate of $25.00. 
Eligible for free evaluation and line edit of first 1,000 words.

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